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Please note:

As we here at the Lord Monckton Foundation, are by nature open-minded and skeptical, we have provided a large number of LINKS here on this page.

The 'Directors Cut' of personal LINK choices will be listed here shortly.

Not all of these LINKS have been reviewed, as they have been gathered from many sources related to the topic in question. Many of these sites have arrived at different conclusions to us. Where we are attempting to draw conclusions from empirical evidence, many of the sites of these LINKS appeal purely to emotion and unsupported motherhood statements, and lack a rational and reasoned approach. Please recognise there is a difference between slanted propaganda and open scientific discussion.

We ask only that when inspecting these sites, you ask yourself the following:

Does the site provide specific supporting empirical scientific evidence for each of the arguments or ideas it puts forward?

Or does the site rely primarily and predominantly on the 'evidence free' power and authority of 'special individuals'; government agencies; scientific institutions; and so on? If someone is using SCIENCE to justify or support an argument or proposition, SCIENCE relies on observations and experiments from the real world in the form of EVIDENCE. Unless you are given references to empirical science containing evidence you can review and reproduce if you wish, it is not SCIENCE.

Links to full range of blogs and sites - Climate


A Few Things Ill Considered
Accuweather Climate Blog
AIP:Discovery of Glob. Warm.
Americans for Limited Government
AMS Climate Policy Blog
AMS Env. Science
Andrew Bolt
Andrew Dessler
Antarctic anomaly, 1979-now
Antarctic sea ice area, 1979-now
Antarctic sea ice area, 2 years
Antarctic sea ice extent, recent
Arctic anomaly (large), 1979-now
Arctic anomaly, 1979-now
Arctic sea ice area, 1979-now
Arctic sea ice area, 2 years
Arctic Sea Ice Blog
Arctic sea ice extent, recent
Arctic Sea Ice Monitor
Arctic sea ice volume
Arctic Temps
Arctic Watch
Argo Free-Drifting Floats
Association of Peak Oil
Australian Climate Madness
Australian Climate Science Coalition
Australian Politicians Email list
BBC Environment Blog
Berkeley Earth Surface Study
Bishop Hill
Bjorn Lomborg**
Black's WhiteWash
Brave New Climate
Brave New Climate
British Antarctic Survey
Canadian Cryosphere
Carbon Sense Coalition
Central Coast Climate Science Education
Christian Science Monitor
Climate Audit
Climate Basics
Climate Central
Climate Change Dispatch
Climate Change Education
Climate Change Facts
Climate Communication
Climate Conversation Group
Climate Data Catalogue
Climate Data Links
Climate Data: Temps
Climate Debate Daily**
Climate Depot
Climate Explorer
Climate Journal
Climate Lessons
Climate Matters@Columbia
Climate Prediction Center
Climate Progress
Climate Realists
Climate Research News
Climate Resistance
Climate Sceptics Party Australia
Climate Science
Climate Science Watch
Climate Skeptic
Climate4You Global Temps
Climate4You Sea Ice data
Cntr. for Enviro. Journalism
CO2 Now
CO2 Science
Cocktail Conversation Guide
Colorado CSTPR
Columbia Earth Inst.
Compare sea ice maps
Cosmic Variance
CRU temperature data
CRU, East Anglia
Cryosphere Today
Dan Grossman Media
Danish Center for Sun-Climate
David Archibald
David Stockwell
Deep Climate
DMI Arctic extent from 2002
Donna La Framboise
Dot Earth
Earth @ Discovery Channel
Ecologically Orientated
Effets de Terre (FR)
El Niño/La Niña graphs
El Niño/La Niña history
El Niño/La Niña update
Element List
Energy Blog
Energy Bulletin
Energy Outlook
Energy Refuge
ENSO wrap-up
EPA Climate Change
Ernst-Georg Beck
EU referendum
Forecast Earth
Fred Singer
Freemarket America
Friends of Science
Future of Geothermal
Galileo Movement
George Monbiot
Glacier Facts
Glacier Monitoring Service
Glacier retreat
Global Climate Scam
Global Cloud Data
Global Ocean Heat Content
Global sea ice, 1979-now
Global Warming Hoax
Global Warming Science
Global Warming Skeptics Forum
Greenhouse Gas Data
Greenie Watch
Grist: Climate and Energy
Guardian climate
Hadley Centre climate extremes
Hadley Centre gl. temp. graph
Hadley Centre upper atm temps
Head in a Cloud
Heliogenic Climate Change
Hide the Decline
Horatio Algeranon
Hot Topic
HYCOM (Naval Research Lab)
Inst. Pierre Simon Laplace
Institute for Energy Research
IPCC Criticism
IPCC Facts
IPCC Reports
James’ Empty Blog
JAXA Arctic area from 2002
JAXA Arctic extent from 2002
JAXA extent from 2007
Jeff Masters’ Wunder Blog
Jennifer Marohasy
Jo Nova
Jo Nova**
John Fleck
JPL Sea Level Viewer
Junk Science
Junk Science temps page
Kens Kingdom
Lavoisier Group
Listen To Us (Petition)
Luboš Motl
Mark Lynas
Marshall Institute
Mauna Loa CO2 graph
Maurizio Morabito
McLean on AGW
Menzies House
Met Office, Hadley Centre
Monaco Declaration
My Links & Sources
Nansen Artic sea ice graphs
NASA Earth Observatory
NASA GISS gl. temp. graph
NASA GISS temp data
NASA Goddard Institute
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
NASA Master Directory
Nature Blog
NCDC Reports and Products
NCDC temp data
New Fuelist
New Scientist climate
Newsbusters climate
Niche Modeling
Nigel Calder
Nir Shaviv (ScienceBits)
No Consensus

NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics Party Australia

No Frakking Consensus
No Tricks Zone
NOAA Earth Systems Lab
NOAA El Niño theme page
NOAA monthly climate reports
NOAA Paleoclimatology
Non–English Resources
NSIDC Database
NSIDC Sea Ice Index
NSIDC Sea Ice News
NZ Climate Science Coalition
NZ National Climate Center
Ocean Acidification Basics
Ocean Acidification Blog
Ocean Acidification Network
Ocean Acidity Graphs
Oil Price
Only in it for the gold
Open Mind
OSS Foundation
Our Changing Climate
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
Panda’s Thumb
Paul MacRae
Paul Taylor
Penn State Inst. Env.
Pew Climate Change
Philip Stott
Planet Gore
Polar Ice Prediction System
Polar View sea ice images
Price of Oil
PrimaKlima (DE)
Rabett Run
Really Real Climate
Republicans for Environmental Protection
Resilient Earth
Resilient Earth
Robert Grumbine
Roger Pielke Jr.
Roger Pielke Snr
Roger Pielke Sr.
Roy Spencer
Roy Spencer
RSS global temp graphs
Rutgers Global Snow Lab
Sci. Am. Observations
Sci. Journalism Tracker
Science and Public Policy Institute
Scripps Insitute of Oceanography
Sea Level Flood Map
Sea level graph
SEARCH Sea Ice Outlook
Skeptical Science
SOHO spacecraft
Solar Influences Data Center
Solar Irradiance
Solar Irradiance and Sunspots
Solar Variability
SolarCycle 24
Space Weather
Stephen Schneider
Steven Goddard
Sunspot Index Graphics
Surface Station Research
The Benshi
The Blackboard
The Blackboard
The Carbon Brief
The Climate Project
The Daily Climate
The Deniers
The Global Warming Debate
The Heat is Online
The Intersection
The Oil Drum
The Reef Tank (blog)
The Skeptics Handbook
The Skeptics' Handbook
Thomas Fuller
Thorium Energy
Tom Nelson
TREC - concentrated solar
UAH global temp graphs
UNEP Glacier Facts and Figures
University of Bremen sea ice
US Climate at a Glance
US daily streamflow data
US Drought Monitor
US Per Capita Emissions
US record events
Vostok Ice Core graph
Vostok Ice Core Graphs
Warwick Hughes
Watts Up With That
Watts Up With That?
Watts Up With That?
Weather Underground
What on Earth Comic Strip & Blog
William M. Briggs
Wood For Trees
World Climate Report
World Climate Report
World View of Glob.Warm.
Yale Climate Media Forum
Yale Environment 360
Links to full range of blogs & sites - General Interest
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