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Thursday, October 24 2013

Before I joined the Lord Monckton Foundation, I was active in the No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics Party in Australia. 

This is an article I wrote for the No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics Party. Since the election in Australia the No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics Party has been discussing many things which boil down to, what next? 

It is my firm view that each of us found our way into the Climate Sceptics party because we were offended and outraged by any number of outcomes and unforeseen consequences mixed up in the crucible of the CAGW scare. 

Whether or not my view is accurate, it is behind the following observations and thus perhaps enables an examination of the reason these CAGW outputs enraged us enough in our own way, rather than as good men who see evil triumph and do nothing, to ‘do something’ like join the Climate Sceptics. I joined the Climate Sceptics Party way before the Lord Monckton Foundation was formed. 

So we did something, we joined a ‘single issue’ Party; but it is a hell of a ‘single issue’, touching as it does on so many fundamental issues some or all of which have offended us. 

I believe within these numerous issues lies the kernel of what can happen next for our Party and what we are on about. 

We watched as evil was triumphing and it was the evil of the mindless, authoritarian, ‘post modern’ pseudo science, which through basic propaganda tricks and a determined set of activist bureaucrats (out of Hive Mind central), very nearly (and may yet still) succeed in overturning the now weakened flower of the Age of Enlightenment. 

I suspect none of us could accept that our successful Judaeo-Christian, Age of Enlightenment stimulated, science and reason based, private property owning, democratic civilization, could so easily descend into an elite driven effort of self loathing and self destruction; could so easily succumb to the siren call of big global government solving our global warming problem, when we don’t have one; could so easily revert to the superstitious nonsense of the big government loving media fanning the madness of crowds flames. The question is, how did it happen that the civilization that gave us many things of value including the ability to reason was being white-anted by those interested in no more than fashionable pop science and political activist undergraduate socialist nonsense.

 To my mind the success of the CAGW zeitgeist/meme in generating such useless and costly public policies of pyramid building proportions and reasons, demonstrated to us the crumbling decay of many of our civilization’s key institutions and liberties.

Whether they be our fundamental property rights; our science based reason and prosperity; our education based love of knowledge and rational thinking; our press and speech freedoms and quest for truth and the open questioning of all in authority as the basis of our informed democracy; and/or our government’s evidence based public policy making and the use of due diligence and public policy implementation evaluation against stated outcomes; all of these and the institutions charged with the task of maintaining them, have been systematically white-anted from within by those of the Hive Mind.

So if what I have observed and stated is accurate and reflective of our Party member’s views, then our policies and our future activities can be drawn from the general principles contained therein.

I believe it is now time to go on the offensive. 

The Lord Monckton Foundation was established to restore the Age of Enlightenment 2.0 after the CAGW zeitgeist faded. It was established to ensure that the values of the Enlightenment are strengthened and recreated within our Judaeo-Christian, western democratic, enlightened capitalist and science based prosperous civilisation’s traditions. The UN bureaucrat sponsored CAGW zeitgeist was and still is an authoritarian, socialist, centralist, activist, emotion based ‘mother earth’ worshiping output of the Hive Mind.

For years we have fought to save the practice of science itself from the post modern, consensus, settled ‘science’ of the Hive Mind, maintained as it was by the appeal to the authority of ‘science’, whilst practicing pseudo scientific political redistributive activism instead. A wolf in sheep’s clothing indeed. 

We have fought the battle for science on their stated territory, science; and wondered why they successfully maintained the CAGW zeitgeist. It was because they never practised science. To convince their willing and prayerful ‘useful idiots’ all they had to do was repeat a mantra. They made extraordinarily emotionally charged propaganda statements and used the words ‘science’ and ‘scientist’, and the words ‘thousands of’; and ‘consensus’; and ‘scientists believe the science is settled’; and they repeated this often and everywhere. They told the BIG LIE big-time. 

So, lesson number one: we concentrated on doing the science properly, while they got on with the job of politically manipulating the bureaucratic structures of science, such as the journals, associations, academies, universities, and bureaus, and mesmerising everyone with the zeitgeist of the Hive Mind. They practiced politics while we tried to practice science. 

Lesson number two: The Hive Mind did PR while we were labelled deniers and they excluded us through every means possible from publishing in the journals and having a voice in the MSM. 

Whilst our naive efforts to fight the good fight on the grounds of science, have for years proven unsuccessful in terms of influencing public opinion and government policy and thus the Hive Mind, our sticking with the scientific method and with maintaining a vigil on the observation of, and experiment on, nature, has rewarded our patience. This reward, is unfortunately not through the triumph of good science over the Hive Mind, but rather the triumph of nature over hubris. God has a keen sense of humour, as the emperor is now belatedly and embarrassingly revealed to have no clothes; and now it seems, the Climate UN IPCC Tower of Babel begins to collapse before our eyes. 

Our patient scientific observations that demonstrated there was insufficient evidence to support the CAGW hypothesis has not of itself, won the day. These observations have been clear for some time. Rather it is that the CAGW house of cards built as it is only on the sand of empty and useless and failed models along with an accompanying and escalating and ‘unsustainable’ campaign of fear, which is now nearly lost, as the predicted future arrives and nature herself demonstrates the capacity to reduce to unmeasurable noise, the relative influence of human emissions of CO2 in their impact on Global Warming. 

However, do we really think they will quietly surrender their money, power and reputation, and humbly apologise for all of the damage they have caused, simply because their cause is now redundant? Do you think they will slink quietly into the night? 

With the release of the 5th UN IPCC Summary Report for Policy Makers, we are now perhaps finally, at the beginning of the end of the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) zeitgeist. 

Those of us who have called all along for open scientific discourse on the CAGW; those who have been abused and harassed by activists for daring to question the evidence underlying the UN sponsored ‘settled’ ‘consensus’ ‘climate science’ of CAGW; those who have been calling for science to be practised as the scientific method demands; those who have been begging our governments to do their Due Diligence properly and to rigorously examine the evidence, if any, in support of the CAGW hypothesis, before completely re-arranging our modern, prosperous and successful economy; we have now seen the CAGW hypothesis falsified and need to test, through empirical science including observation and experiment, other hypothesises to try and explain natural climate change (including any human influence). We need to generate some scenarios of what might happen next as the CAGW zeitgeist slowly collapses and of what should happen next and therefore try to influence the direction of things in the context of overriding civilising outcomes. 

So let us push the reset button to take us back to the point we can agree on as being the basic building blocks of a successful and satisfying society for the greatest number of those within our society. If you are like me, you will want to see a polity that values human beings above all other creatures; that encourages these valued human beings to achieve their full potential and that keeps out of each person’s way as much as it is possible to do so as they pursue their lawful and creative daily business. 

So what happens during this period where we are forced by the logic of action and consequences to turn back to reason and back to restoring a low cost energy based civilisation as we used to know it? 

Will the collapse of CAGW be rapid and will it, and the forces behind it, disappear without a trace and be forgotten within a year or two; will those facing the prospect of angry mobs if the truth comes out, regroup and fight the keep the fear of CAGW perhaps redirected to some other similar sounding ‘cause’ requiring immediate action and sacrifice by the people of the world under the direction of the anointed ones of the Hive Mind. 

Where the very real threat of pensioners across the Northern Hemisphere freezing to death, either because they are unable now to afford their winter heating bills due to ‘Carbon Pricing’, or because the capacity of the electricity supply system, compromised severely by a dependence upon unreliable and intermittent ‘renewable green energy’ and all happening as mother nature reinforces the evidence of a 17 year pause in average global temperatures, will sanity return and the madness of crowds vanish? 

Carbon Pricing was supposed to encourage greater utilisation of ‘clean’ ‘renewable green energy’ by forcing up the cost of electricity to the consumer and by forcing through the use of quotas and subsidies of renewable energy sources. It is working. We now have the best of both green worlds. Consumers pay rapidly increasing electricity prices for intermittent and unreliable electricity supply. Soon, the Greens will have what they truly want. Unaffordable, unreliable power; the exact opposite as required by a productive and prosperous economy. The chosen few can live in caves.  

Billions of people around the world will not be pleased; will in fact be extremely angry when they find out they have been emotionally manipulated, scientifically defrauded and financially cheated about Global Warming. 

We are poised at one of those pivotal moments, a tipping point if you will, where the zeitgeist goes into shock, suffers the seven stages of grief and completely reverses and perhaps overreacts. How long will this process take? Will it go on and on before being quietly forgotten? This can and has happened before? Y2K! 

Riding in fear of the outcome and the direction of this particular pivotal moment in terms of the energy and revenge of the zeitgeist are the hundreds of ‘insiders’; those who knew precisely what they were doing in terms of emotional manipulation, practicing scientific fraud and financially cheating everybody about Global Warming in their zero sum game of the reallocation of research funds and wealth to them. 

The tens of thousands of activist scientists; the hundreds of thousands within the media and political elite; and the millions of wannabe planet savers who are all viewed by the ‘insiders’ as ‘useful idiots’ will, when they all eventually recognise they have been used as ‘tools’ and ‘useful idiots’, will be looking for a rat hole to scurry down, a back door and a diversion sign saying ‘move on, nothing to see here’, and when asked, ‘didn’t you accuse me of being a denier’; ‘didn’t you dismiss me from my job for asking for evidence’; ‘didn’t you threaten to ruin my career?’ Will, ironically, become ‘deniers’ themselves. 

So, as a Party do we think we have yet achieved what we set out to achieve, either in the specific or the general sense, and the answer to this is no. The Hive Mind still controls the MSM; the major science academies, societies and bureaucracies; the public policy of making expensive gestural sacrifices to Gaia and the Climate Gods through, in Australia, Direct Action; the agents of Gramsci’s ‘long march through the institutions’ have brought the Hive Mind into the heart or ‘switch points’ of power in our schools, universities, courts, parliaments, bureaucracies and media and so we as a Political Party and the Lord Monckton Foundation as the redoubt of reason and the defender of the west need to see our activities and policies in this context. No, the Hive Mind is still rampant and can still cause other mischief on a massive scale for similar ends. So it is the Hive Mind that is the problem with the CAGW zeitgeist merely a symptom, albeit a nasty one, of a greater malaise involving the madness of crowds and the siren song of authoritarianism. What has allowed the madness of crowds to prevail and what should we do as a culture to inoculate our civilization from this? 

Without the Hive Mind dominating each and all of these institutions, the CAGW could never have survived the first peer reviewer’s questions, let alone a good bureaucrat’s due diligence or a journalist’s educated questions informed by a basic understanding of science and the scientific method. This is a clue. Without the unwitting agents of Gramsci, without the Hive Mind mentality dominating education and media, reason and rational discourse may be allowed to prevail. 

How do we free the media, whose role is to question and expose authority for the good of democracy, from the mindless, ‘government must solve all problems’, unquestioning Hive Mind now dominating our MSM? What political policies, business investments and/or community activities could recreate a vibrant and energetic fourth estate? 

With 99% of journalists and 99% of politicians scientifically illiterate, how do we expect our so called policy makers and king makers to make informed enquiries on critical matters of national importance? What policies and procedures need to be in place and what mechanisms can we provide that would see governments be directly responsible for and practice thorough due diligence on all matters of public policy and in particular those giant economically disruptive and ideology driven mega flops like CAGW and the NBN?

With scientists in general now totally dependent upon government largesse for a living and the symbiotic relationship existing between activist scientists and activist anti-western politicians, how can we allow scientists to practice science unaffected by the undue influence of the Hive Mind as warned by President Eisenhower in his farewell address to the Nation. 

I have gone on long enough and I’m sure you get my drift. 

In summary I am suggesting that we as a Party found ourselves at the centre of the biggest fight on the planet and one which exemplified the success of Gramsci’s Hive Mind ‘long march through the institutions’ whereby reason and science and democracy and our economic success were damaged or destroyed for an ideological anti-western purpose, and the insights gained from this battle not yet won, on the nature of the problem with our civilization’s weakened institutions and liberties gives us a handle on what must be done to recreate our civilization into an Age of Enlightenment 2.0. There are many policy discussions to be had in this context.



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