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Thursday, June 06 2013

 50 to 1

A New Program Initiative

The Lord Monckton Foundation is proud to announce that it is reaching out to the general public in a new and exciting way.  In accordance with our Chartered purpose to "educate... the public and take every measure that may be necessary to restore the primacy and use of reason in science and public policy worldwide" we are embarking on an ambitious project with a view to cutting out the 'middle men' in the climate debate. We are taking the hard facts to the public directly through YouTube.

The project is called '50 to 1', and its key purpose is to communicate Lord Christopher Monckton's recent calculations on the cost of climate mitigation vs the cost of adaptation. '50 to 1' is the perfect title because that is the cost difference. It is 50 times more expensive to attempt to STOP climate change than it is to ADAPT in the event that adaptation becomes necessary.  And this conclusion can be reached by straightforward mathematical formulae which are taken directly from the IPCC themselves, as well as other 'consensus' sources within the world of climate change alarmism.

This has the potential to be a powerful and 'game changing' video.  It has the potential to help the public really understand just how badly they've been taken for a ride by politicians imposing carbon taxes and 'green schemes'. By the time we're done, people around the world will be demanding an end to the madness that is 'carbon emissions mitigation'.

But we need your help to make it happen.  High quality video production is expensive and time-consuming. This can't just be a handy-cam job.  We need a highly professional, fast paced, punchy and engaging video. One which will be so enjoyable, AND compelling, that people will watch it, and then tell their FRIENDS to watch it.  To communicate such potentially 'dry and boring' information as this, in a fun and compelling way requires a great deal of planning as well as careful filming, loads of animations and a great sound design including music and sound effects.

This video will require significant travel. We are interviewing internationally renowned experts such as President Vaclav Klaus, Anthony Watts, Fred Singer, Henry Ergas and others. A camera crew will need to literally lap the planet to filmthese experts and capture their thoughts and views on the current state of climate mitigation etc.

Long story short, we have calculated a budget of $156,000 all together.  Needless to say we don't have that in the piggy bank beside our bed, so we're running a crowd funding campaign to try and gather the money we need to make this video happen.


You can watch a short video which explains everything you need to know HERE at 50 to 1 and there, you can follow the links to donate.

Note Donations can only now be made through this website using either Credit Card or Paypal 

To see the '50 to 1' calculations in detail, please click on Lord Monckton’s one page briefing HERE and a PDF briefing HERE.

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