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Thursday, October 18 2012

In a response to the National Press Club's rejecting our suggested presentation by Lord Monckton on Press Freedom's Greatest Enemy; The Press, (see topic outline here) we replied:

Thank you for considering our proposal. I must say that unfortunately, your response was not entirely a surprise.
Might we suggest a different Title:
How the left leaning media destroyed the left leaning Government.
It seems to those of us who follow these things closely, that what we call the Sowell Vision Effect (SVE), causes our MSM and in particular your members to close their minds to open debate and thus to avoid the maintenance of journalistic standards. The SVE inadvertently destroys the very thing it tries to foster, namely sustainable left leaning liberal policies.
This SVE, taken from a book called ‘The Vision of the Anointed’ by Thomas Sowell, a black American academic, refers to those in the elite who adopt and promote a left leaning liberal vision of the world (where big government is required to solve society’s problems) often despite evidence to the contrary.
The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and unfortunately, when on the highway to Hell there are no signposts to Heaven.
The SVE was revealed recently by the shock expressed by the left leaning liberal journalists to the Presidential Debate between Obama and Romney. Clearly, Obama, without a teleprompter and with the hope he campaigned on last election now dimmed by time and the ‘seeming’ without ‘doing’ many of the things he promised, came across in the debate as a hollow and shallow shell of the man the ‘Anointed’ had created and ‘projected’ in their imagination.
The SVE operates on journalists by numbing their desire to question the authority of government, if the government is one of them; one ‘seeming’ to share the 'Vision of the Anointed'.
The SVE could clearly be seen operating in Australia with the election of the Rudd Government whereby the ‘honeymoon’ period of unquestioning allegiance of many in the MSM to the ‘Vision’ was only momentarily disturbed by the surprise ‘assassination’ of Rudd by Gillard.
Was the Canberra Press Pack genuinely caught off guard by Rudd’s ‘assassination’ and thus incompetent, or did they know of Rudd’s problems and Gillard’s ambitions but chose not to report them, and were thus complicit?
The very fact that this Rudd Gillard government has not faced a dedicated, investigative, sceptical and questioning press (because of this shared and shallow Vision) has seen the Rudd Gillard government simply collapse under the inertia of its own incompetence due to the fawning MSM failing to notice; failing to harden the government up through rational questioning; failing to temper the government’s policies in the heat of high energy debate; failing to question the government’s monopolistic and censorship tendencies in the NBN and media enquiries, etc.; failing to properly (wink wink) investigate numerous issues (e.g. Wilson); and thus failing to let the government know where its flaws lie and how to rectify those flaws. Hence the title of Lord Monckton’s originally proposed address, ‘Press Freedoms new Enemy – The Press.’
A media subject to the SVE does neither a left leaning liberal government nor indeed the country any favours at all; rather it allows both to self destruct in a way that most will find mysterious and surprising, coming out of the ‘MSM information black hole’ blue to those who share the ‘Vision of the Anointed’ and to those who rely solely on the MSM for their information. Those under the spell of the SVE do not live on the same planet nor in the same world as ordinary people and many of the traditions and institutions that have served us well. Greece was on Planet SVE until recently.
This government has borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars from China and elsewhere mainly spent on a now bloated public service (SVE) and on carbon schemes designed according to the Government’s own Treasury modelling to send up to $50 billion per annum off shore from the poor of Australia into the bank accounts of the wealthy in developing countries and the bureaucrats at the UN, so our children and grand children can have less energy and less jobs and a lower standard of living than we now have, and so Australia has less democratic control over our land and our people.
A weak and unquestioning media through this wilful blindness damages our democracy, our governing classes, our capacity to think and to reason and thus damages our society and our people.
We still do not know if your ‘speaker selection panel’ was ‘lukewarm’ because of the ‘warm & fuzzy logic’ imbued by the SVE or whether they recognise their bias but remain determined to ‘block out’ through wilful blindness the possibility of opening their mind to another view and another vision.
Do you know why?
Perhaps you could put this new topic up to your speaker selection panel. Please.
Thanks and regards
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