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Wednesday, March 21 2012

Clive Palmer's only mistake was to specify a particular source of conspiracy against the interests of Australia and Australians.

It is naive in the extreme to believe that there are no individuals, groups, philosophies and even countries plotting to do Australia damage. Operating perhaps, on their own disturbed meme, ideology, belief system or religion, it is certain that some are keen to act against our economic and security interests to the detriment of the Commonwealth of Australia and Australians in favour of their own or foreign interests.

In other words, if there are enemies within or external threats, conspiring to harm our interests, freedoms and way of life, then our government should act to reduce that threat. If there are forces at work funded by external parties or agencies 'conspiring' to damage a major export industry upon which our government depends for economic stability, then Clive Palmer (or anyone else) who, based on some evidence he has come across, suspects such a conspiracy, and brings it to our attention, should be applauded as a patriot, rather than pilloried as a buffoon by Ministers of the Crown.

Who has a clearer loyalty to our constitution and country and greater insight into the evil intent of some global players? Clive Palmer, who understands how a foreign government or global corporation or hedge fund manager may attack our national interest (as has been done in the past by the USSR, China, George Soros and others); or a naive government acting on nothing but a complete lack of business experience, governed only by the 'best of intentions' to destroy our 'carbon' economy, export our manufacturing jobs and divert future minerals investment to new more hospitable mining boom locations (like Africa).   

The media reports of Clive Palmer's thoughts on this matter have been sketchy at best and malevolent at worst, and so I can't say what has prompted Mr Palmer to form this particular 'conspiracy' view. However, as this is the government that was perfectly prepared to hand numerous sovereign Australian powers to an unelected foreign UN 'government' at Copenhagen (and indeed has quietly and surreptitiously ceded much at Cancun since); if this government is suggesting Mr Palmer is a foolish 'conspiracy theorist' acting on a baseless view, that there is evil in the world, then a government claiming disinterest in entertaining any 'conspiracy theories' whilst quietly conspiring against the interests of the Australian people though the unconstitutional use of foreign affairs powers, is clearly unfit to protect the interests of the Commonwealth and its people.

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