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Tuesday, June 26 2012

Lord Monckton has forwarded this article for inclusion in the blog.

Critics of sustainability hysteria slam UN’s anti-liberty Rio+20 agenda
By Alex Newman for The New American
see image in full article
Lord Monckton and Craig Rucker: The New American/Adam Muggenthaler
RIO DE JANEIRO — Amid the thousands of people assembled at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development calling for global government and anti-market “solutions” to alleged planetary “sustainability” and “biodiversity” problems, a vocal coalition of environmental realists who refuse to buy the UN-backed agenda are calling for some sanity — market solutions, real science, and national sovereignty. Some have even proposed abolishing the controversial global institution altogether.

While the international press has largely ignored the stinging criticism so far, the small cadre of liberty-minded environmental experts, activists, and lawmakers seemed optimistic. The climate alarmism of a few years ago, for example, is virtually “dead” despite overwhelming media support. 

On Thursday, following the stunning implosion of the science behind global-warming theories, the whole topic has largely taken a back seat to new UN allegations — overpopulation, decreasing biodiversity, and a lack of “sustainability.” But those overhyped fears may well collapse soon as well. 

Citing the growing worldwide awareness about the true nature of the UN’s dangerous schemes, the crumbling of the supposed “science” underpinning the agenda, and the increasing irrelevancy of the mainstream media, all of the critics who spoke to The New American said there is cause for hope. They were surprisingly upbeat, too.

Continued here

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Tuesday, June 26 2012


Don’t worry about the ickle birdies

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley in Rio de Janeiro

“BUT what about the ickle birdies?” wailed the ancient, off-blonde representative of the planet’s indigenous peoples in the shapeless, grimy, crumpled eco-sackcloth shift that is de rigueur this season among the female of the species here at the shapeless, grimy, crumpled Rio conference center.

“Don’t you care? Because of global warming the ickle wormies that the ickle birdies eat won’t hatch out at the right time for the ickle birdies to eat them and the ickle birdies will all die! Don’t you even care about all the millions of humans that are running away from all those droughts and floods and things? It’s all our fault!

She got up untidily and flounced out (insofar as it is possible to flounce convincingly while wearing hemp flip-flops and a shapeless, grimy, gray eco-sackcloth shift).

One imagines the ickle wormies would be happy about global warming if it saved them from the ickle birdies. But I’m being unfair to this gallant champion of the ickle birdies and humans. She did not really talk like an infant. But she might as well have done. For the intellectual content of what she said was little better than baby-talk.

On the whole, I liked the cut of her jib (though not of her sackcloth). She had had the guts to come to a press conference given by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, the sole environmental group recognized by the UN that does not believe the ickle birdies and humans will come to much harm as a result of warmer weather.

She had been courageous enough to speak up for her point of view. Nevertheless, if one really cares, mere self-indulgent, hand-wringing emotionalism is not enough. Rational thought is essential.

Continued here

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Tuesday, June 26 2012



To the Gaia-worshipers in Rio, all is symbolic of the new religion


From Christopher Monckton of Brenchley in Rio de Janeiro

Symbolism! Dontcha just love it? Even the three-letter abbreviations for the world’s airports convey a resonant message for the goofy Gaia-worshipers here in Rio de Janeiro for the conference on “sustainable development” (whatever that may mean). Flights still follow the old colonial patterns, so it is easier to fly to Rio (GIG from Madrid (MAD) than from London. Entertainingly, the bag-tag on my suitcase bore the legend MAD GIG –a deftly synoptic description of the leftfest on Brazil’s once-fashionable coast.

The intended triumph of the new religion over the old was symbolized by a light-emitting diode system costing hundreds of thousands of dollars that has turned the normal floodlighting of the towering statue of Christ the Redeemer an unpleasant, lurid green, so that He looks like a giant jelly-bean. Fortunately, Divine intervention (or perhaps the Gore effect) has smothered the volcanic pinnacle on which the statue stands in unseasonably dense cloud and pouring rain, rendering this crude but costly sacrilege altogether invisible. Chalk up ten points to the old religion. God is not mocked.

Soldiers with sub-machine-guns and – for some reason – elephant guns are guarding this extravagantly expensive and contemptibly childish propaganda gesture to make sure no one symbolically reasserts the triumph of the Resurrection by cutting off the unnatural green glow and replacing it with the traditional, glorious white.

The rubbish that litters the streets and even the once-pristine beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema is surely a symbol for the garbage that will soon emerge from the negotiations. One can be confident that it will be garbage, because this year, for the first time, the UN has gone to unprecedented lengths to make sure that no one gets daily-updated versions of the central negotiating text. If somebody hides something, it is because somebody has something to hide.

Continued here

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Tuesday, June 26 2012



UN Censorship

Rio Earth Summit text is now secret Senior official of 'transparent' UN admits Rio negotiating text is classified  


By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, special to

RIO DE JANEIRO – In a shock move, officially-accredited non-government delegates who had traveled thousands of miles to attend the UN's Rio+20 sustainable development conference in Brazil have been refused all access to the central negotiating text.

This key document, containing all of the environmental conference's decisions, is now restricted to governmental delegates only.

The UN's panic decision to classify the Rio negotiating text follows CFACT's Climate Depot revelation at the UN climate conference in Durban in 2011 of the then-public Durban draft, whose contents the world's news media had failed to report.

CFACT's exposure of the strange proposals in the Durban text – which gave “Mother Earth” the right to sue Western nations in a new “International Climate Court”, and suggested that CO2 concentration should be halved (which would wipe out most plant and animal species on Earth) – led to the hasty abandonment of half of the text the day before negotiations were concluded.

According to WordPress, which hosts 500,000 blog postings on all subjects worldwide every day, the blog posting that summarized the Durban draft received more hits than any other posting that day. The original 2011 article first appeared at Climate Depot and was also linked on the Drudge Report for several days.

It is known that the Rio text includes several items dropped from the Durban text, including proposals for the UN to levy a 2% tax on all financial transactions worldwide, which would cripple the financial markets by imposing costs many times the profits on each transaction.

A senior UN official, who did not want to be named and asked for CFACT's video camera to be turned off, revealed the following facts to CFACT's representatives here in Rio:

Continued here

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Tuesday, June 26 2012


Anthony Watts has urged this be posted widely.

A response to Dr. Paul Bain’s use of ‘denier’ in the scientific literature

Posted on June 22, 2012 by Anthony Watts

Readers may recall my original post, Nature’s ugly decision: ‘Deniers’ enters the scientific literature. followed by  Dr. Paul Bain Responds to Critics of Use of “Denier” Term (with thanks to Jo Nova, be sure to bookmark and visit her site) Dr. Robert G. Brown of Duke University,  commenting as rgbatduke, made a response that was commented on by several here in that thread. As commenter REP put it in the update: It is eloquent, insightful and worthy of consideration. I would say, it is likely the best response I’ve ever seen on the use of the “denier” term, not to mention the CAGW issue in general. Thus, I’ve elevated it a full post. Please share the link to this post widely.  – Anthony

Dr. Robert G. Brown writes: Continue reading here

See original post here:



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Tuesday, June 26 2012



‘The West can survive the environmental movement’

Alex Newman interviews Lord Monckton in Rio de Janeiro for The New American on the bogus environmental problems discussed at Rio, the real problems the negotiators have ignored, and the future of the environmental movement after the failure of the Rio+20 conference.

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Tuesday, June 26 2012



‘Their whole agenda is death’

Alex Jones interviews Lord Monckton on the hypocrisy of the UN’s Rio+20 Conference and the eco-brainwashing of children and youth to train them to hate humanity and freedom and exalt totalitarianism in the name of saving “Mother Earth”.

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Wednesday, June 06 2012

50 minute Youtube on Rio Agenda 21 and so on. He does suggest we’ve won on the AGW (I think prematurely – we have to put the stake through the heart of that to kill it - but perhaps he is not constrained in his view by the Australian Carbon Tax experience).

In the YouTube below, Lord Monckton discusses the demise of the AGW scare; Rio 2012 & Durban; The Green Movement & Agenda 21; growing Bureaucracies & Totalitarianism; The EU and the Eurozone; Socialism, Social Services, Taxation & Money and the Global Financial Crisis.
Lord Monckton on Rio 2012, Agenda 21 and the Eurozone
Posted on 06/01/2012 by Lys d'Or
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